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The March

In James Farmer’s seventh lecture of the series, he retells the march on Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963 from his point of view–watching it on a small black and white television while in jail. He shares one of his own personal heroes, A. Philip Randolph who organized the march, as well as the reason […]

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Why is it that James Farmer’s contributions go practically unnoticed? Why is it that a man that had such a big impact on the civil rights movement has been nearly forgotten, and all that he had worked so hard to fight against is still around in our society today? These questions are some of the […]

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Well I haven’t been able to get anywhere with my research project. I’ve helped Brett and am going to help Jackson with his. If it’s alright with Tim, I will be available to go around and help other people with their research projects for my project.

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Farmer’s Influences

My research project takes an in-depth look at James Farmer’s influences that helped to mold and shape him into the Civil Rights leader he was. I will research the different figures mentioned in his speeches as well as his novels. I want to interpret their short biography and focus on how they affected his life […]

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Research Project – Chris Anderson

I am being assisted by Deidre. Our research project is still in the process of getting in touch with former students of James Farmer. We have decided to communicate with the students via email. We came up with questions to ask the students, adn we plan to sahre these results with you. We got in […]

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